Pakohe stone carving










The image we chose to represent our name and aims is an interpretation of a pakohe stone carving created by a local Whanganui tohunga (expert) in the art of stone and bone carving.  To us it represents a famous Whanganui saying:-

“E rere kau mai te awa nui, mai i te Kahui maunga ki Tangaroa,
Ko Au te awa, Ko Te Awa ko au.

Our Mighty River flows from the Majestic Mountains to the Raging sea.
I am that river and the River is me.”

Our Laser

Here at Pakohe Lasercuts we have a TE1390L laser cutter and engraver, a large fully-enclosed front-loading laser cutter with a 1300 x 900mm bed size with the ability to tile larger projects. It has the precision to do high-detail engraving, and can cut cleanly through 12mm MDF. This is a laser cutter with the most versatility in both capability and range of material that it accepts, so it can definitely help with your next small or large project.